6 Steps to Throwing a Baby Shower from Start to Finish

So you’ve decided to throw a baby shower for someone you love. Baby showers have been around for hundreds of years--the origin can even be traced back to ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Victorian era baby showers were celebratory tea parties with the mom-to-be and a select group of women. Nowadays, showers are known for being these big co-ed bashes with colorful festivities that everyone remembers for years to come. 

No pressure, right? Hey, you’ve got this! If you’ve never thrown a baby shower or maybe you haven’t even attended one before, you might be wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into and questioning where and how to even start. This doesn’t have to be complicated! You can absolutely pull this off! 

Here’s a comprehensive list from, start to finish, of everything you need to do to throw an epic baby shower that the parents-to-be are sure to be thrilled with. 

Step #1: Necessary Details!

These are the concrete things you’ll want to decide on together, with your parents-to-be, before beginning any other preparations.

  • Date, time, location (*decide on a date to require RSVP submissions also)
  • Budget
  • Guest list
  • Menu - need some help with food? Check out my Blog: 3 Simple Menu Ideas for a Baby Shower 

  • Theme
  • Party Planning Checklist - grab my FREE Party Planning Checklist and use it to help you stay on track with planning the shower. 

Decide on a budget and stick to it! There are lots of ways to be budget friendly from DIYing decor, cooking/baking your own menu, to asking a crafty friend to help you create some great party favors like candles, hand sanitizers, baked goods, etc. Your options are limitless, just take a few minutes to browse Pinterest for some inspiration, then make your budget-friendly plan!

Step #2: Advance Preparations, 1+ month out

There are certain details you can prepare ahead of time. If you’re making any decor or party favors yourself, you will want to get the ball rolling on those projects at least a month ahead of time.

  • Invitations--address and mail, digitally or physically, don’t forget to ask for RSVPs

If you need help knowing what to include on you invitation, grab my FREE Invitation Template. I’ll help you make sure you aren’t missing any important details!

  • Order items such as cake/cupcakes, decor and favors
  • Put together any DIY decor or favors
  • Venue--your home, someone else’s home, or rent a place, in which case you’ll need to reserve that ASAP 

Step #3: Purchases & Games, 2 weeks out

If you’re using disposable plates and utensils, you’ll want to go ahead and purchase all of those items now. This gives you enough time for the vendor to restock in case they’re short on anything and you need an extra package of napkins, for example.

  • Purchase disposable utensils, dinnerware, paper goods, etc.
  • Plan games - Need some help coming up with some games? I’ve got you covered! I’ve gathered 13 Fun Baby Shower Games with FREE Printables that you can grab here:

You can also see some fun games to play for a couples shower in my Blog: 5 Baby Shower Games for a Couples Shower

  • Prizes for games--decide on and order/purchase these items
  • Purchase thank you cards & envelopes (*tip: place envelopes at the entrance with any potential guest books and have guests address their own envelopes ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about collecting their addresses later on!)
  • Purchase favors, if you’re not creating them yourself  

Step #4: Final Details, 1 week out

This is your chance to go over your list and party plan to make sure you’ve got everything you need ahead of time. This might include game supplies, sashes for the parents-to-be, special centerpieces, etc.

  • Finalize head count
  • Purchase gift for parents-to-be
  • Wrap gifts and favors

Step #5: Last Minute Items, 1-2 days out

  • Check in with venue--if it’s a home, ensure cleaning 
  • Prep food and drinks--mix up punch, prepare chicken salad or fruit salad, bake cupcakes, etc.
  • Prep dinnerware--roll utensils in napkins, place in baskets or dispensers, etc.
  • Create any chalkboards/letterboards/signage you’ll be placing around the party
  • Create a fun music playlist--make sure speakers are charged, if necessary
  • Send reminders to guests and/or vendors
  • Plan the order of events for the shower, allowing time for mingling and relaxing. (It’s not necessary to plan down to the minute. Just a general idea of the flow of things is helpful so you always know what’s happening next.) 

You can use my Day-of Party Timeline to keep your day on track!


Step #6: Shower Day

The day is here! Take a deep breath and enjoy all your detailed planning and hard work. Everything is going to be great!

  • Set out decor
  • Set out food and drinks
  • Delegate tasks such as taking photos, cleaning up wrapping paper, writing lists of gift givers, keeping music running, etc.
  • Enjoy time with your guests, keep the order of events running smoothly and tend to the parents-to-be
  • Hand out party favors as guests leave
  • Clean did it!

Baby showers can be fraught with expectations, but by planning ahead and getting some personal touches in there, you’ll look like you spent a million bucks and months of planning. A few decorating ideas you could do is create fun layered centerpieces and decor for all your food and dining tables such as wood slices underneath your vases of flowers with fresh eucalyptus laying on the table and battery operated candles scattered throughout. Hang tissue pom-poms, fairy lights, banners or balloons around the room(s) to create a festive atmosphere. 

You could also find out the mother-to-be’s favorite flower and use those for centerpieces or discover dad-to-be’s favorite beer and offer that in tubs of ice. 

Use music to tell a story--there are many songs out there dedicated to parenthood and babies that are guaranteed to get someone emotional. Emotions are good! That’s where memories are made. 

These are just some quick ideas to help you get started. The magic is ALL YOU. Start jotting things down, gather some ideas on Pinterest and you’ll be off and running.


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